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Viper Outdoor Volleyball Net System

CSI 200
40.50 LBS
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Product Description

Viper Outdoor Volleyball Net System

                 Quick Overview

  • Set up on both beach and grass without guy-wires, sand kits or ropes
  • Ideal for casual and family play
  • Durable, light weight construction (29 lbs)
  • Fast one-person set up
  • Lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee

Portable, Light-Weight & Tough as Nails

The Viper is our lighter-weight version of the Cobra Volleyball System, designed for more casual play. Don’t be fooled, though: It’s built just as tough as any other Cobra Sports product.

The portable Viper Outdoor Volleyball System sets up on any outdoor playing surface (grass, sand or soil) without guy-wires or sand kits.  It's fast and easy to set up, and safe to play on. Viper's Patented Ground Anchor Stake and Flex Pole Technology keeps the net tight the whole game.  You'll never have to stop the game to adjust a saggy net.  

Because there are no wires to worry about, you can set Viper Outdoor Volleyball System in a smaller space, and take full advantage of the entire playing area.

The Viper Volleyball Net System comes with 2 height adjustments for men’s and women’s and a Lifetime Guarantee of volleyball play. For more aggressive, competitive play and versatility of playing additional games (beach/grass tennis, badminton and optional pickleball/regular tennis height setting), we recommend the Cobra Volleyball System.  Cobra Outdoor Volleyball System

What’s Included

  • 1 Top Pole with eye bolt to attach the net, 1 Top pole with rope clamp to pull the top line of the net and flex the poles
  • 2 Bottom Poles, 2 Height Adjuster Sleeves, Pole Pads & Pole Covers 
  • Regulation (32’) Net (Custom size nets available for smaller spaces), 4 Stretch Cords
  • Ground Anchor Stakes (26"), 1 Protector cap, 2 Washers go over the ground anchor stakes
  • 30' x 60' Boundary Liine & Winder (comes with grass and sand stakes)  Custom boundary line no charge on request 
  • Heavy Duty Carrybag, Instruction Sheet and CD

Set Up Instructions

The Viper Volleyball Net System can be set up easily by just one person.

  1. Find a clear, safe playing area (avoid sprinkler heads!). Establish the court area with the boundary line.
  2. Assemble the top and bottom poles and attach the net with the spring hook to the eyebolt on Pole #1.  Slide the other end of the net through the rope clamp on Pole #2. Attach 1 bungee cord to each corner of the net.  Position poles at the boundary line center mark 2 feet out on each side.
  3. Drive the gound anchor stake (using the protector cap) in the soil or sand with a 6 or 8 lb. sledge hammer until it is rock solid. Place washer over stake, followed by height adjustment sleeve, and insert Pole #1 into sleeve. Position pole #2 and repeat.  
  4. Pull the top line of the net through the rope clamp to flex the poles.  
  5. To tighten the net, hook one end of the stretch cords on the corner of the net and go around the pole 1 or 2 times and hook the other end on the stretch cord.  Slide the top stretch cords up even with the eyebolts for correct height.  Slide bottom stretch cords down to prevent "cupping".

You’re ready to go – time to hit the court!

Lifetime Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee

All Cobra Sports products have a Lifetime Warranty on all hardware - poles, ground anchor stakes, rope clamp, protector cap, guide plate, etc. under normal wear and tear. (That’s great peace of mind, but what’s even nicer is knowing you’ll probably never need to use it. Short of backing over the Viper Portable Volleyball System with your car, you’d need to work hard to damage a Cobra Sports product.)

Soft components (Nets, boundary lines, pole pads, pole pad covers and carrying bag) come with a 2-year warranty. We’ve known nets to last over 20 years with minimal care. 

We are also proud to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Returns are a very rare occurrence. But if for whatever reason you don’t love your product, you can return it, no questions asked. Return shipping is not included.


Expert Review 
By Blair Atkins, Bestcovery  This system doesn't use guywires, spikes, or ropes.  Cobra's Flex Pole Technology actually replaces the need for guylines because the net remains taught the entire duration it is up. This is beneficial because guywires that aren't secured properly can be dangerous.  In addition, you can set up the net in less than five minutes in grass or sand whenever you feel like playing. It also comes with a heavy-duty carrying bag for convenience portability. This net amazingly comes with a lifetime warranty, where most nets come with a warranty of only 2 years. Rating: 5 out of 5Q:  
What is the difference between the Cobra system and the Viper?
Here’s a comparative description between the Cobra system and the Viper. Either one will give you a lifetime of enjoyment so it’s a matter of which one will better suit your needs now and in the future.  The Cobra is a tournament rated system with a high quality net that gives excellent net play.  It is meant for anyone wanting a more aggressive, competitive game.  The Cobra comes with 3 official volleyball height settings – men’s 8 feet, women’s 7’ 4” and juniors’ 7’.  It also comes with height settings for two other fun net games – beach tennis and badminton.  Visually it is very "high end".The Viper is a scaled down version which sets up exactly like the Cobra but uses a different pole material (quite indestructible)  and has a lighter weight net. It is designed for more casual play, like Family fun, although it will still give a good game, you will never have a “dead ball” in the net,  and it is just a durable as the Cobra.  It has two volleyball height settings only, men's and women's.  Both come with a Life Time warranty on all hardware and a two year warranty on all "soft goods", i.e. net, pole pads, boundary line, etc. After twenty years in business I can tell you all soft goods last many years beyond the two year warranty. We have nets that have been in the field for 15 years and longer, depending on the care.  Both come with a heavy duty carry bag. The Viper in the carry bag weighs about 29 lbs., the Cobra about 33 lbs.

We hope this is of assistance to you, but please feel free to call the office anytime toll free 877-586-2729 for any questions you may still have.  It’s really a matter of whether you and your family are interested in the 2 other net games – beach tennis (also can be played on grass) and badminton, and who will be playing on  the system.

"We never took our Viper system down for 4 years, summer, winter and Hurricane Sandy.  The net got a little frayed from the hurricane;  it's still usable but we'd like a new one." Ross Levitsky, Port Washington NY, November 2012  

Other Details

Viper Features:
The Viper is a scaled down version of the Cobra; it sets up exactly like the Cobra but uses a different pole material (quite indestructible) and has a lighter weight net. It is designed for more casual play, like Family fun.
Height Settings:
The Viper has two volleyball height settings only - men's and women's.
Weight in carry bag:
29 pounds