Volleyball Nets so tough gymnasts practice on them!

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What Sets Cobra Apart

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1. Fast One Person Set Up

Cobras patented Ground Anchor Stake and Flex Pole Technology is an innovative advancement in sports technology designed for fast one person set up and safety. Never mess with ropes/wires and the pegs that hold them down. Never bury sand kits again.

2. No Wires, No Worries

Our Volleyball net system uses no ropes, wires, pegs, ground plates and spikes, so you can play fearlessly everywhere on the court. Don't let this happen to you.

3. Superior Net Play

From backyards to beaches, pro tournaments to pools, Cobra's portable volleyball net systems stand up to whatever you can spike, smash or throw at them - indoors, outdoors, and anywhere at all!

4. Stays Tight All Game

A one-of-kind tightening system holds the net taut all game long - no adjustment necessary. For over 26 years, every portable net system we sell comes with a Lifetime Warranty on all hardware and a 30 day money back guarantee. If you're not happy, we're not happy. Special alloy constructed poles bend but don't break.

5. Versatile

Play up to 5 games on one system. Volleyball, beach/lawn tennis, badminton. Pickleball/tennis height setting can be added at no charge – just ask us!

Want to speak to someone about a special project, custom size net, installation on artificial turf, or something else?

About Cobra Volleyball

Cobra stands alone…literally. Unlike any other volleyball nets in the market, Cobra net systems have no hazardous guy-wires/ropes, ground plates or spikes, making them safe and easy for one person to set up. For over 26 years, Cobra’s patented Ground Anchor Stake and Flex Pole Technology has been elevating people’s games with indoor and outdoor volleyball net systems that are portable, durable and safe. Our volleyball nets are so durable, we guarantee them with the only Lifetime Warranty in the industry. This is the last volleyball net you’ll ever have to buy! Whether you want a pool, grass, or beach volleyball net, we have a system that will work for you, or we will make one custom to your specifications. Trust Cobra to provide exactly what you need for an exceptional pool volleyball net, beach volleyball net, or a portable indoor/outdoor net system.

Loved By Players, Used By Pros

"The setup is simple, and playing characteristics outstanding. With no guy-wires, the Cobra is the safest portable volleyball system in existence."
--Volleyball Magazine
  • Gene Selznick

    All Time Pro / Coach & First King of the Beach

  • Scott Friederichsen

    AVP Champion

  • Denny Lennon

    AUU Beach Volleyball Tour Director

  • Scott Swanson

    Associate Head Coach, ASU

  • Gary Wakai

    Former Commissioner NCVA, AVA USA (USVBA)

  • Albert Hannemann

    AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Champion

  • Jon Stevenson

    Pro Beach Champion

  • Float Serve Volleyball

    Tournament Director

Our Customers Love To Brag

"I am the proud owner and recreational user of a Cobra 'no guy wires/ropes' volleyball system for...wait for it...over 20 years. I purchased, what has to have been, one of the first ones ever made. I was roughly 15 years old at the time, and I am now 37, and I can say, without hesitation, it has definitely held up better over the years than I have. Whenever I reach for it, it's as sturdy and ready for action as ever. That is until this past month, however, when I went to pull it out and found that a critter in my pool house had chewed through both the bag and large portions of the net. Never fear...I just called Cobra, and within 2-3 days I had a new bag and net and was back in action once again. As an investment advisor, I am always looking for a good Return on Investment (ROI), and I can say that, in terms of both exercise and fun, I have reaped wonderful rewards on the purchase of my Cobra volleyball net."

Jonathon Leidy, Certified Financial Planner, Portico Wealth Advisors

Larkspur CA, 415-925-8700 August 2012

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Want to speak to someone about a special project, custom size net, installation on artificial turf or something else?