Play your next beach tennis game in confidence with a superior-quality beach tennis net system from Cobra. Designed for games on a 30’x 60’ court size, this beach tennis net system has been created for the racquet version of beach tennis. 

Cobra’s patented technology makes it the only portable net system on the market that doesn’t use hazardous guy-wires to set up, making it a fast, one person set up.  Cobra’s patented Flex Pole Technology and unique tightening system stays firm on any surface with heavy-duty ground stakes that won’t budge. Whether you choose to play on the beach or in your backyard, this portable beach tennis net can easily be set up within minutes. If you’re looking for a beach tennis net system for a full size court that’s built to last, choose Cobra – you won’t be disappointed. For more detailed specifications on our products, contact us at 888-586-2729.

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