Beach Tennis Courts for Sale

Choose from durable beach tennis court sets to keep the fun going all day long. Cobra’s beach tennis systems are quick and easy to set up, since no sand kits are required. Our beach tennis sets come with a lifetime warranty on all hardware and have been used around the world for almost 20 years.

Durable Beach Tennis Court Sets for Sale

Our simple setup volleyball net for outside is designed for one person to set up and many others to enjoy. We backup our net kits with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you get the additional assurance of a lifetime warranty.

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Leave the ropes and sand kits in the garage, thanks to our patented flex pole technology, which keeps the net taut without guy wires. The assembled beach tennis court set provides a safe playing space free of tripping hazards.

Whether you live on the beach or spend just a few weeks on the shore, our beach tennis courts for sale are a must-have gift for the whole family.

Portable Beach Tennis Court for Sale Online

We also have a net kit compatible with an 8m x 16m court. Set it up on a sandy beach or in your own backyard for warm-weather fun season after season. You can put these kits together in five minutes and take them with you on beach vacations or camping trips in the country. The advanced tightening system prevents droopy, inconvenient lines.

The portable beach tennis court can be purchased online and comes with a durable carry bag.  Our beach tennis courts for sale chase away summer boredom when school lets out and gives your whole family an easy way to get in shape for summer.

So, the next time your kids whine that there’s nothing to do, start a volleyball tournament that can last all afternoon. And mowing the grass can easily be done since there are no guy wires or pegs.

Beach Tennis System Reviews

Our beach tennis courts for sale are designed to last. Read online reviews of customers who’ve used the same set for years, even decades! We love to provide high-quality kits that include the net and pole for portable fun. Customers praise the durability and quality of our systems, which replace flimsier versions that last a few months before drooping or falling apart.

We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers and welcome positive and constructive feedback on our products. As you can see from the comments online, our beach tennis courts for sale deliver as promised and often exceed warranty expectations. Our customer service team is always ready to answer your questions and inquiries.

Recreation directors looking for simple net systems love our indoor portable net systems. Rainy day fun starts with safe equipment that fitness directors can pull out and assemble in minutes.

Contact Cobra Net Systems for our products that best fit the needs of your crew. Our products are suitable for summer camps, recreation programs, and family use.