"I am the proud owner and recreational user of a Cobra 'no guy wires/ropes' volleyball system for...wait for it...over 20 years. I purchased, what has to have been, one of the first ones ever made. I was roughly 15 years old at the time, and I am now 37, and I can say, without hesitation, it has definitely held up better over the years than I have. Whenever I reach for it, it's as sturdy and ready for action as ever. That is until this past month, however, when I went to pull it out and found that a rat in my pool house had chewed through both the bag and large portions of the net. Never fear...I just called Cobra, and within 2-3 days I had a new bag and net and was back in action once again. As an investment advisor, I am always looking for a good Return on Investment (ROI), and I can say that, in terms of both exercise and fun, I have reaped wonderful rewards on the purchase of my Cobra volleyball net."  Jonathon Leidy, Certified Financial Planner, Portico Wealth Advisors, Larkspur CA,  415-925-8700  August 2012


"If you're considering the Cobra Volleyball Netting System...Just get it already you won't regret it. The product is high quality, durable, portable, easy-to-setup, and the company stands behind its product 110%. I absolutely love working with Shelley on the phone. We were in a time crunch to get something in for a tournament we were sponsoring. Shelley worked with me on getting the product to us over night just in time for our tourney! Anyway you look at it, 360 degrees, it is an investment I'm totally happy with and I'm a lifetime fan!" Paul Kelley, Club Director San Francisco Thunderbolts Volleyball Club, a Thunder Inc Organization  415-939-7653 January 2014


Amazing people to work with. Listened to my concerns and responded very timely. Got the system for our pool and LOVE it. Net is perfect size, goes up super simple and kids love it. Thank you, thank you, thank you

JON P. - May 14, 2015

I called to have some parts shipped and Cobra handled my situation excellently. I dealt with Shelly over the phone and she was a pleasure to deal with. I wish I could support this company more and buy more volleyball set ups! Support Cobra sports and you won't regret it. If you have any questions, they'll be there to help you! I highly recommend cobra and they're backed by their lifetime warranty and customer satisfaction, money back guarantee.

RYAN - Apr 16, 2015

We have used a Viper system for over 5 years now in our backyard and the system has been set up that long with little adjustments being made. It has endured the Arizona sunshine for the whole duration and only this month did we have to replace the net. The girls play on the court several times per month and its just as strong as when we first installed it. We couldn't be happier with the product and the customer service we receive from the folks at Cobra Volleyball!!

DAVE - Mar 31, 2015

We love our Cobra nets! We used them at our volleyball club for years, and now we have purchased the outdoor attachments and the nets work just as well on the beach.

Our favorite part about the systems is how lightweight they are -- you never have to worry about any injuries coming from them, and they are super easy to transport.

The staff at Cobra is also incredibly friendly and helpful, we will never buy a net system from anyone else again! -

Katherine Dig It! Volleyball Club, owner Fiber Element, owner

The Israel Tennis Association's Beach Tennis Department has been used the Cobra and Viper BT net systems on all the beach tennis event organised in Israel for the second year in a row and we are completely satisfied by the overall quality and the easiness of handling of all Cobra's products. Needless to say the the customers support is at the highest level as well. Thank you and our best recommendations to any sand sport event organisers!


The service is amazing. Everyone was very helpful.

CRAIG - Sep 27, 2014

I purchased the cobra volleyball outdoor system, I put it up and looks great. I was wondering if there is a shorter net (meaning about maybe about half the size) that I can purchase. I thought I saw one online but when I went back in on the site I couldn't find it. I would like a shorter net for more everyday use for my kids. Cobra Sports International, Inc. Cobra Sports International, Inc.

STRATI M. - Sep 01, 2014

Mesa, AZ | Sep 29, 2014 Thank you for purchasing a Cobra volleyball system - we appreciate it very much! We order custom nets for any size space almost every day. Most people don't have the room in their backyard for a regulation size net (32 feet wide). Just give us a call at 877-586-2729 to determine the best size net to fit your space.

Excellent experience, one of the few companies in the world that still have excellent customer service. I ordered my net on Sunday and needed it delivered by Friday to make sure I could have it setup in time for my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday. Cobra called me and emailed me Monday letting me know they were shipping it out Monday and that the item should be delivered Friday. Through additional correspondence I was given the cell phone number of the owner in case I encountered any problems installing the net on Saturday. They wanted to make sure the birthday party went off without a hitch as far as the volleyball net was concerned. The net arrived Friday morning and 15 minutes later we had a volleyball court. The product itself is of excellent quality and I could not be happier, my overall experience with Cobra is a perfect 10!

JASON - Aug 19, 2014

excellent product

AFASTDRIVER - Jul 08, 2014

My 15 year old daughter and her friends use the net frequently and change from badminton to volley ball by themselves with out any problems! I am optimistic that this will last for years- unlike the cheap ones I have been buying every two years at the sporting goods store... It was pretty easy to install- once we figured it out.... and now we will know for next time. The instructions are not well written - in that they refer to parts that you don't know which part they are referring to as the parts list DOES NOT include a diagram of the part (any one at cobra read this??) The accompanying video shows an easy set up but does not include how to attach the net!! Were it not for this I would have given 5 stars. Looking forward to a fun - exercise filled, summer.

DEB "DEBBIE" - Jun 18, 2014

Awesome set up. Our kids love it. Pretty easy to set up and very, very well made. Cobra is very helpful with any questions also.

VQ - Dec 02, 2013

I researched MANY options and settled on this because there aren't any guy wires for my kids to trip over when the sun is going down. We left ours up for 4 weeks straight and simply picked up the boundary rope so we could mow the grass. Comes in a great storage bag and we'll use it for years to come. I recommend searching You Tube for a video on how to set it up... helps a ton.

6 FISHERS, IN - Oct 17, 2013

It costs a few bucks more than the best guy-wire net you can buy, but it is worth it. Once you get the hang of it one person really can set it up in ten minutes, and the net naturally stays taut. This thing truly is a gift to people who want a moveable feast of volleyball.

THOMAS GOTTSMAN - Jul 19, 2013

After going through outdoor volleyball nets each summer that would invariably fall over with every hard rain, I bought the Cobra outdoor net system after a volleyball coach recommended it. This net is excellent. It is high quality, easy to setup, and extremely solid. This is the best outdoor net system on the market.

AMAZON CUSTOMER - Jun 26, 2013

Thanks to cobra net system. We heavily used this for last 3 years and now we are using it indoor with pole adapter. It's very good quality and u can't compare with other poorly built nets.


I'd worried that this might be inferior to the previous models, but a quick call to their support # calmed me down, and when the product arrived, it was as they said.
Goes into the ground easily enough, getting the stakes out can be a chore if you were over zealous when hammering them in. Strong, sturdy net

PENN NOME - Jan 02, 2013

I bought this volleyball net for a party and was not dissappointed. It is a quick set up and is very high quality. Would recommend it to all!

SCOTT STAHLEY - Aug 16, 2012

These guys know how to take care of their customers. This is a small shop but they are very personal and have a great product. When I ordered there was a fluke problem with one of the components. They worked well with me on the phone and my problem was resolved within one business day. WOW!

DAVID BRETEY - Aug 07, 2012

Once you get the hang of it you can set this net up in less that 15 minutes by yourself. I've messed around with cheaper alternatives and always been disappointed. This system is well thought out and a joy to play with. Components are built to last and the included bag is actually big enough to fit everything + a ball and other tools. If you do actually manage to break something (doubtful) replacement parts are available from the manufacturer. Note: You'll want to pick up a sledgehammer as well to drive the primary stakes into the ground. Its the only portable net i've seen that actually gets tight enough to allow play off the net. Don't waste your time or money on anything else.


As good as it gets unless you have a permanent net set up. Once we got the hang of setting it up, it has worked wonderfully. The net is not as tight as a gym net but it doesn't lose tension by relying on bungee cords. It is heavy and you need a mallet to hammer in the spikes for the poles. Have fun

BISHONMOM - Oct 26, 2011

I bought 2 systems cobras & they were OK. The poles are of extremely good quality. The boundaries and net are between a professional and recreational standard. Not having the guywires this and being able to set this up on my own fairly quickly are huge bonuses. You can check the nets out in action at my website [...] in the pictures and videos section. The Red Net is upgraded, the white net is standard. I had a unique situation and it did take some patience and time to get handled, but "Les" eventually took care of all my concerns personally.


"Good afternoon, I wanted to let you know that my daughter, our family, and the rest of the volleyball friends of my daughter really do love the new outdoor system we purchased from you guys. It has been a big hit. Plus, the ease of getting it put up with the ground stakes and the easy takedown when finished is just fantastic. My daughter is doing this herself, which ought to tell you how easy the system is to install.  The simple act of hammering those stakes into the ground, either at my home or wherever we decide to take the net system is great. Thanks again for the great, great volleyball system; it was the hit of Christmas at our place!"  Wade Sales, Los Fresnos, TX January 2013

 "Les,  My apologies for taking so long in sending these pictures. The installation of the Anaconda pool volleyball net system could not have been any easier. I picked up the hole borer and  had it returned within 1 hour. It was that simple. However our summer was a complete  wash out with record rainfalls. It took quite a while to dry the ground so I could  concrete the sleeves in position. We did manage to get in a few games of volleyball.  No doubt about it though the system is a quality piece of equipment and we are extremely pleased with the result .I love the 2 minute set up and pack away. Looking forward to many hours of fun and entertainment in the summers ahead.  Be assured I will be talking about Cobra Sports service, communication and  understanding with all our friends. Thanks for all your help.  Regards," Dave Gallen New Penrith, South Wales Australia  August 2012

"Happiness from Wisconsin!!  We had ZERO problems with setting up our Viper Volleyball net.  The system is GREAT!!  My ankle  is better and we played a nice game of short court this afternoon.  My  husband already removed a couple of bushes so we can play the whole  court.  Thanks so much for all your help.  I have passed on my  happiness to a few others looking for backyard nets.  Hopefully, I  drummed up a little more business from the Onalaska/Holmen area. Thanks,"  Joann Nelson, Onalaska, WI  March 2012

"We've had our Cobra volleyball nets for 6 years and the only things we've needed to replace on our 5 sets are 3 protector caps that have been lost. The volleyball equipment is rental equipment to any military, retired or active, as well as civilians. It gets used all the time by lots of people, and we are very pleased with the Cobra volleyball nets." Mike Cavanaugh, Outdoor Recreation, Fort Jackson, SC January 2010

"We rent out your Cobra volleyball nets and they are absolutely wonderful. We have 6 of them that we rent. A patron of ours returned a net without a protector cap . Is it possible to order just a replacement cap (Yes) to ensure the longevity of our volleyball net systems? Please let us know. Thanks so much!" Hillary Johnson, Washington State U. Outdoor Recreation Center, Pullman, WA August 2012

"WOW.....Great Set-up (Cobra volleyball net system), Looks Super and was better than I could have imagined...Nice to do business with a Company that actually makes a great product and then stands behind it...Thanks Again!!...and feel free to use me as a reference." Mark A. Whittaker, New Haven, CT June 2012

"I am sending a photo (see above ground pool system above) and my sincere thanks for handling my order. My needs were a little out of the norm with restrictions on size as well as concerns for safety. Les talked me through my situation and sized me to a perfect fit. I received the Viper at the promised date in time for the scheduled party. Thank you for the personal attention, professional service, and the durable product. This company is what makes America strong. I wish all businesses in the U.S. would follow this lead. May your Business Remain Truly Blessed." Brian Balasa, Elgin, IL  June 2012

"Hi, Shelley, We have the Cobra volleyball net system. We bought yours because we loved the fact that we could see the set up video prior to our purchase. When we received the volleyball net and set it up, it was actually as easy as your video shows. The net height variation is awesome, as we play badminton too. We live in the mountains and can never get anything in our ground. Les told us to try it before we purchased the ground sleeves to do so. Believe it or not...the stakes went into our ground. Thanks so much. We love our Cobra volleyball net." Ilene & Mike from Saylorsburg, PA  June 2012

"Hey Les and Shelly, I wanted to let you know how FANTASTIC the Cobra indoor/outdoor volleyball net system is for us! Our gym was built in 1934 before in-floor volleyball systems, so when I took over the middle school program, I was given the task of rigging up the net. This meant tying the volleyball net to the window and the wall because there were no poles or room for portable poles. It was horrible: the net sagged, it was held down by a basket of bowling pins, balls hit into the net didn’t bounce back. It was unsafe and dysfunctional! It made the program look and feel 'bush league'! Last spring we raised funds to buy a volleyball net system, anything was better than what we had. When I saw the Cobra volleyball net online I couldn’t believe it. It was portable, functional, and cost effective. EXACTLY what we needed! Les provided me with sage advice and I was able to install the system with no problems. Les’ technical support was invaluable! Now we are able to put up/take down the volleyball net in less than 5 minutes, it has variable heights, it has padded poles so it is safe. Practice no longer starts or ends with the dreaded net! WE LOVE IT!  I tell everyone about the Cobra volleyball net system and would recommend it to any program at any level! Thanks for all you’ve done!" Dr janet bogle, PhD, Salmon Bay School, Seattle, Wa  May 2012

"I absolutely LOVE the Cobra outdoor volleyball net system! I have been using it for about three years at corporate events and it is so great to know that my volleyball net is going to stay up and I don’t have to worry about people tripping over guy wires. For such a sturdy net system, it is surprisingly easy to set up. Sure it costs more than a traditional portable volleyball net, but the peace-of-mind is worth every penny. I am sure I would have replaced a cheaper volleyball net two or three times by now. Thank you so much for creating this system and for the wonderful service I have received." Bob Hertel, Director of Operations, VIKTOR Incentives & Meetings, Traverse City, MI May 2012

"Hi guys, Patrick from the Winona, MN YMCA. Loving the Cobra indoor volleyball net systems we got from you. (Purchased March 2010) They are AWESOME! Thanks again for such a great product." Patrick Menton, Program Director 507-454-1520 April 2012

"Thank you for the constant updates. It is so refreshing to work with such an efficient and professional business as Cobra Sports. You can count on me to share my most favorable experience working with you, your company, and with your exceptional volleyball equipment with all my colleagues at The Ohio State University and my contacts at our other Big Ten institutions. You are welcome to use my testimonial anytime you wish. I am pleased to stand behind everything I have said about Cobra Sports, your tremendous service and just how enjoyable it is to work with you and Les. In 28 years here at The Ohio State University I have not come across very many products that are as well designed and constructed as the equipment from Cobra Sports. I just have to assume that your products are flying off the shelves." David Beckel, Director of Student Activities & Recreational Sports, Ohio State University Marion Feb. 2009

"We wouldn't use any other volleyball net but Cobra! We have a summer camp and 600 kids every year play only on Cobras. We've had our systems so long I can't remember when we bought them, but out of our 12 Cobras we need only 2 replacement nets. That must be a record of some kind. The Cobra is the easiest volleyball net to set up. We never have to worry about the kids getting hurt like with other volleyball equipment." Andrew Pratt, Washington Family Ranch Antelope, OR  May 2009  

"As a corporate customer, I did want to let you know that your volleyball net system exceeded my expectations in the following manner: 1. ease of setting it up in a professional form; 2. safety due to no guide ropes as well as no protruding hardware; 3. net performance (tension, ability to play net balls, strength against net duels, etc.); 4. packaging in terms of maintaining parts and ongoing condition of the set. I would easily recommend the Cobra volleyball net to anyone looking for an outdoor volleyball court pacakge." Wil Gonidis, Regional Director Community Affairs, Bell Canada November 2008

"I purchased a Cobra indoor/outdoor volleyball net system in August of 2009 and it's been great. It was a unique situation (in a barn with a cement floor and a unique design) and it's worked out fantastic. We're now putting a sport court over the cement and needed some additional guidance on what we'll need to accommodate it. The difference between good & excellence is attention to detail; and the staff at Cobra Sports pays attention to every detail to ensure the product delivered will be the best! Thank you for such a great experience & excellent ongoing customer support services." Tom & Michelle Nielsen, Marathon, WI  January 2011

"I purchased the Cobra indoor volleyball net system August 2008 and I am very satified with it.  I need another set of antennas. Please send info on how I can obtain these."  Terry Bohannon, City of Hillview Recreation Director, Louisville, KY  January 2011 

"I would like to thank you for your prompt response to our Viper volleyball net issue (purchased May 2009 and needed a new top line). We received a new net no charge under the 2 year warranty guarantee. I continue to be pleased by my association with Cobra and will spread the word to anyone looking for volleyball equipment! Sincerely," M. Eric Eberhardt, Eberhardt & Hale, LLP, Athens, GA  December 2010

"We have been having great fun and created a good bit of interest with our first few Cobra beach tennis nets. Best Regards," Mike Davis, South Africa  December 2010

"I love the Cobra volleyball net! It works great on the beach from sun up to sun down & I never have to re-set it in the sand. Thanks for helping me weigh the differences between the Cobra & the Viper so that I could make the right decision for the level of play I wanted." Brent Rigor, Naples FL October 2010 

"Thank you for your exceptional customer service. I am in business also and know how important that is, and you do it well. Your willingness to go the extra mile and solve our problem was a great unexpected treat. We received our Cobra volleyball net just in time for our party. 30 high school football players had a great time with it and the system worked flawlessly. Again thank you for your superior service and superior product. I will recommend Cobra Sports to my friends and colleagues. Sincerely," Terry McDonald, Sacramento CA October 2010 

"First off let me tell you the indoor volleyball net system you sold us has been great. Easy take down and set up has been a blessing. Very low budget but it gets the job done. Working for the YMCA, which is a non profit, does not give you a lot of money to throw around. Once again, thanks for the great net." Dave Kellar, YMCA Volleyball Academy, DSK Volleyball Club, Albany OR  September 2010 

"Our family purchased one of your volleyball nets in June of this year and we are very pleased with it. We have three teenage kids and between them and their friends they had a lot of fun this summer. Thanks." Cam McClure, Victoria BC Canada September 2010 

"I wanted to thank you for going the extra mile to get the Cobra volleyball net system to us for my daughter's 13th birthday! She loves it! I also love it. It is sooo much better than any of the cheaper sets we have had. It only takes me minutes to get up and down. The net action is like those in the gym. I would strongly recommend this system to anyone who wants a high quality system. Thanks again!" George Evans, Topeka KS August 2010 

"Your Cobra volleyball net system is awesome. Thanks for getting it to me in time for our event." Bob Hertel, Director Destination Michigan  August 2010 

"Got the Cobra volleyball net and love everything about it. Easy set up. Nice and tight and looks good. Thanks.
Darren Devore, Benton AR August 2010 

"The systems you sent arrived and I am happy. They passed through a customhouse early and there were few taxes. Thank you." Yutaka Ono, Niigata Japan July 2010

"We last communicated a year ago when I ordered the Cobra outdoor volleyball net. Received everything in timely fashion and was impressed with the quality of materials, and very much looking forward to put it to the test. Due to all sorts of delays getting the playing area ready in our backyard, finally got it set up for the first time a few days ago. It looks and plays great, as expected. Thanks again." Michel Dallaire, Quebec Canada June 2010 

"I did receive my Cobra volleyball net - we used it last Tuesday and absolutely love it. I think we are the envy of everyone at the park." Gail Lucarelli, Cheektowaga NY June 2010 

"I wanted to let you guys know how awesome the Viper volleyball net is and how much we enjoy it. IT ROCKS! Very easy to set up as well and handles very aggressive play. Thanks for making an excellent product."  
Mike Stacey  June 2010

"We received your Anaconda pool volleyball net and pole system on time last week. The poles came the middle of the week and the net came Friday. We had our pole sleeves installed and were ready to go by Friday evening. Everything fit perfectly. The volleyball games were a great hit for the Memorial Day events at the pool.  We appreciate your extra efforts to design, manufacture and ship us your product in time for the holiday. The club is very pleased with the product and you can add Jacksonville Golf & Country Club to your list of satisfied commercial customers. Thank you so much." Robert Randle, Jacksonville Golf & Country Club, Jacksonville FL June 2010 

"After dealing with numerous flimsy and dangerous volleyball nets that seem to fall apart after only a couple of uses, I decided to spend a little more and get the Viper volleyball net from Cobra. IT IS SPECTACULAR! The net is straight and tight. The fact that there are no ropes coming off the poles allows the court to be put up in a smaller area and, of course, is much safer. The net is easily adjusted and assembly/dis-assembly is easy. AWESOME PRODUCT! Would highly recommend to anyone. I can't imagine how good their premium product is!"  Josh Frantz, Red Bluff CA April 2010 

"I had never heard of the 'Cobra' until last year when a friend of mine got one.... One word...FANTASTIC! We play at a Navy Recreation Park in Italy every Saturday all summer long for the last few years. As the following got bigger and the players got better, the wait time for play on the one sand pit got MUCH LONGER.... Then one day my friend showed up with the Cobra.... We set it up in the grass and I was very pleasantly surprised at the east of set up and high quality of the product. Before long everyone wanted to play on the new grass court, and more people were playing at the same time. My friend has since transferred and I had to get another one for our club. One might not be enough!!! The staff at Cobra went out of their way to get us the system ASAP and were very helpful in every way. Thanks Cobra!!"  Spencer Clubb and the Naval Support Activity Club, Naples Italy Volleyball Club, TNOSC Naples April 2010

"There's no better volleyball equipment out there than the Viper. We've never taken it down and it's stood up to the wear and tear of the brutal Arizona sun. It definitely IS built to last a lifetime! What we love about it is that the net holds true. If you're looking for a volleyball net there's no better system. Lightweight and extremely durable. Regards,"  Wayne Pomeroy, Mesa AZ March 2010  Note: we recommend that if you leave the system up, relax the tension on the net by loosening the top line through the rope clamp and the stretch cords.

"After 15 years of use, we need to replace the net on our Cobra volleyball system. The Cobra has been incredibly reliable and durable. We love the fact that it doesn't have guy wires. Another thing we love is whether we use it on beach or grass doesn't make a difference. It plays great on both and with no sand kits on the beach." Matt Kojis, San Diego CA March 2010

"G'day to you from sunny Australia. My name is Marty Ermer, Operations manager for Natalie Cook and Sandstrom Beach Club. We are the largest beach Sports Club in Queensland, if not Australia. Our director is beach Volleyball Gold Medalist, Natalie Cook. Our club caters to 250 teams on a weekly basis, offering junior programs through internationally competitive athletes via the Queensland Academy of Sport, who base their training out of our Club. Sandstorm Beach Club will be hosting the Australian Beach Volleyball Championships; it is the largest event on our Volleyball Tour. I would like to report to you that we are very impressed with your product not only from a logistics side, but also from a player's side. I did use them on the Queensland State Tour and they were well received from the public and coordinators alike." Marty Ermer, Sandstorm Beach Club February 2010 

"I received the Cobra volleyball net on May 28. Thanks so much for getting it to me for my party on May 30th. The whole thing was awesome, very sturdy and of great quality. I got the net set up quite quickly, and the kids had lots of fun with it during the party. Thanks again." MIke Amato, Waunakee WI May 2008


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