Cobra Outdoor Volleyball Net System

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Cobra Outdoor Volleyball Net System

Quick Overview

  • The only lifetime warranty in the volleyball industry. Compare to 30 day(!) and limited warranties. 
  • Fast, one person set up on sand or grass without dangerous ropes/guy-wires. Get in the game quick and play safe! 
  • Never mess with ropes/wires and the pegs that hold them down. Never bury sand kits again.  
  • Play 3 games on one system. Cobra volleyball net system comes with 3 official volleyball height settings: men’s (8'), women's (7' 4") and junior's (7') plus height settings for beach/lawn tennis and badminton. We can add a pickleball/tennis height setting for you at no charge.  Play 5 games on 1 system.  
  • Lifetime Warranty on all hardware, 2 year warranty on net, etc., and 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. Compare to other systems with 30 day warranty or limited manufacturer defect warranties.  
  • Need something special?  If you need something special, just ask us. We do custom size nets for backyards, installation on artificial turf and sportcourts, and more. 
  • Bonus! Components may be purchased any time to convert your outdoor system for indoor use as well as outdoors.                                                   

The Cobra Outdoor Volleyball Net System is tournament-rated and designed for anyone looking for more competitive, aggressive play on sand or grass. Using specially engineered ground stakes, our patented Flex Pole Technology keeps your volleyball net standing firm without any hazardous wires, so you can take advantage of the full playing area. The net will never come loose or sag for as long as you want to play; you’ll never need to pause your game and adjust. Alloy-constructed poles bend but never break, standing sturdy and strong no matter how hard you play. This portable outdoor volleyball net system comes with a heavy-duty carrying bag for easy transport and storage. Fully packed, the system weighs in at just 33 pounds. Bring it anywhere you want to play! 

Play up to 5 games on one system

The Cobra Volleyball Net has 3 official volleyball height settings: Men’s (8'), women's (7' 4") and junior's (7') plus height settings for beach/grass tennis (5' 10" or 5' 7") and badminton (5').  We can also add a pickleball/tennis height setting at no charge. Just comment on your order.  

The Cobra system can be adjusted in seconds to whatever game you feel like playing. If you're not familiar with beach tennis, it's the fasting growing sport in North America.  See our beach tennis pages for more details. Cobra offers the perfect solution for hotels, rec centers, and anyone who wants the versatility of playing several games on one system.  

With this system, you get to choose your game of the day, game of the hour, game of the party… all with just a simple height adjustment. 

I’m a lifetime fan!”

"If you're considering the Cobra Volleyball Netting System...Just get it already you won't regret it. The product is high quality, durable, portable, easy-to-setup, and the company stands behind its product 110%. Any way you look at it, 360 degrees, it is an investment I'm totally happy with and I'm a lifetime fan!"  Paul Kelley, Club Director San Francisco Thunderbolts Volleyball Club, a Thunder Inc Organization  [email protected]  415-939-7653

“There’s no portable net the players would rather use…”

“The Cobra Volleyball net system is rated the best-all-in-all. This is an excellent system. It is the most attractive. There's no portable volleyball net the players would rather use, and that's quite an endorsement. The details incorporated in the design are very well thought out. The Cobra works equally well on sand or grass.”  Gary Wakai - Former Commissioner NCVA, AVA, USA (USVBA) outdoor, Tournament Director

 What’s Included:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • 2 Adjustable High-Strength Poles (ocean blue)                                  
  • 2 Pole Pads & Pole Covers
  • Regulation 32 ft. Net
  • (Custom net sizes available for small spaces - i.e. backyard)
  • Stretch Cords
  • Guide Plate & Protector Cap (for driving stakes in ground or sand)Stretch Cords
  • Boundary line and winder with grass and sand pins/stakes
  • Washers to put over ground anchor stakes
  • Ground Anchor stakes (34”)
  • Heavy Duty Carrying Bag 
  • Instruction Sheet & Set Up CD                            

Set Up Instructions

With just one person setting up, you can be up and running in 5 minutes or less.  

  1. Find a safe spot (watch out for sprinkler heads) and hammer the first ground anchor stake firmly into the soil or sand using a 6 lb sledge hammer until it's solid (on average 20 - 22"). Use the guide plate for foolproof perfect placement, and remember to put the washer overtop    of the anchor once it’s driven in. 
  2. With the net attached to both poles, walk the net over to the opposite side to find the ideal position for your second pole. Then, just like the first, use the guide plate and drive in your second stake.  
  3. Slide the poles overtop of both stakes.   
  4. Adjust the net to your desired height, then tighten with one quick pull on the rope coming through the pull clamp. You’re done – game on!  

Lifetime Warranty & Money-Back Guarantee  

All Cobra Sports products have a Lifetime Warranty on all hardware - poles, ground anchor stakes, rope clamp, protector cap, guide plate, etc. under normal wear and tear.  Soft components (Nets, boundary lines, pole pads, pole pad covers and carrying bag) come with a 2-year warranty. We’ve known nets to last over 20 years with minimal care. 

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love your product, you can return it, no questions asked. Return shipping is not included.   

Expert Review by Volleyball Training Ground 

"Portable volleyball nets are very useful when you have to keep changing the location of where you set up your net. They are also great for use in tournaments and just playing with friends. What do you look for in a good portable net system?  I look for many different things. I want to see poles that can adjust to various heights (mens, womens, and youth). I also want a high quality net that will withstand the ball being hit into it and also being able to play the ball out of the net.  I want a system that includes boundary lines as part of the system. I also prefer to have a system that does not use the lines of string to put up the poles because people always seem to trip over them and get hurt.  With all of these criteria in mind, I found a portable volleyball net system that meets the list of items I look for….  

This portable net system from COBRA is extremely well designed for high quality play, but also for safety. One of the best features of this volleyball net system is that it does not have ropes to tie down the poles, or stakes in the playing area. The result is that you will have fewer injuries using this set than many of the other ones that are available.  

One of the other things I really like about this outdoor volleyball net is that it can be used on basically any surface. So, if you play in the sand or on grass, this net system will work just great for you. This competition grade net will be durable and withstand your level of play. It contains the net, the adjusting poles, and boundary lines with a 5 minute setup time. If you need to quickly setup the court for a tournament or a family reunion, this is a great choice.  

The way that the poles and net are engineered, the net will not sag and become loose during play. This is a high quality system that will meet your outdoor playing needs. When you take all of these features and add in a lifetime warranty, how can you go wrong with it?  I highly recommend this net system if you need to pick one up."



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