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What Separates a Great Outdoor Volleyball Net From the Competition?

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Let’s daydream a bit to get our minds off this cold weather, shall we? Summer is here, your friends are in town and you just need to get your hands on a quality outdoor volleyball net before you have the whole crew over for a game. You don’t have 8 hours to unbox this net and set it up. You have burgers to grill and drinks to buy.

You need this outdoor volleyball net right now!

Of course you didn’t plan ahead of time. The question now is how do you know what outdoor volleyball net is the best bang for your buck? If you run to the store and simply buy the first net you see, you’re setting yourself up for a bad summer. One spike could have that volleyball net collapsing all over your backyard.

So, what do you look for in a quality, reliable outdoor volleyball net that will last for years similar to those sold by Cobra Volleyball?

Setup is Simple

Nobody has time to spend all day putting together a complicated volleyball net. When you find yourself setting up sandbags, untangling wires or digging giant holes to support the foundation, you are wasting precious volleyball time!

Reliable nets like Cobra’s Viper Outdoor Volleyball net contain no guy-wires, sand kits or ropes. One person can easily set the net up in a short amount of time on any playing surface. This is something you don’t often find when purchasing an affordable net system.

Feel free to find out more about this volleyball system in one of our previous blog posts!

Permanent outdoor volleyball nets often take much longer to set up, but that comes with the territory. This is not something you should be dealing with when purchasing transportable net systems.

Built to Last

Cobra’s volleyball net systems are designed to withstand every spike, block and accident you can throw at it. The Viper Outdoor Volleyball Net System, for example, is built to last upwards of 15 years.

When purchasing nets, many times you simply get what you pay for. There is no sense in buying a bargain bin volleyball net if it is going to collapse like a house of cards every time you smash an errant spike into it. What better way to kill the party?

Volleyball nets are not a piece of sporting equipment that you should need to replace very often, and this is frequently the case when buying some of the cheaper models. A good net will run you a couple hundred dollars, but it is well worth it since they withstand the test of time so well. While a good volleyball set will cost a decent chunk of change, you can’t put a price on fun, right?

The Net is Outdoor Exclusive

This is an often overlooked aspect of volleyball net shopping.

There are plenty of volleyball nets on the market that can be set up either outdoors or indoors, but if you own a home without a full-sized basketball/volleyball court inside of it (and chances are that you don’t), you have no need for a net that can be moved indoors.

Buying a net specifically built for outdoor play will improve your volleyball experience because not only will it stand up against possible weather damage more effectively, but it will also be regulation size. Outdoor volleyball nets are 60 x 30 feet, whereas indoor nets sit at 52 x 25 feet.

Have Fun!

Hopefully you make the right choice and your next party or barbecue features a nice friendly and competitive game of volleyball with family and friends. The best way to do that is by investing in a reliable volleyball net from Cobra!

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