"I am the proud owner and recreational user of a Cobra "no guy wires/ropes" volleyball system for...wait for it... over 20 years . I purchased, what has to have been, one of the first ones ever made... read more"  
Jonathan Leidy Certified Financial Planner
Portico Wealth Advisors Larkspur CA
August 2012

Viper Volleyball Net System



CSI 200

System includes regulation size net, high strength poles (now blue), pole pads, ground stakes, stretch cords, boundary line, carry bag, instruction sheet, Lifetime Warranty, 30 day money back guarantee if system does not perform as advertised.



Expert Review

This system doesn't use guywires, spikes, or ropes. Cobra's Flex Pole Technology actually replaces the need for guylines because the net remains taught the entire duration it is up. This is beneficial because guywires that arent secured properly can be dangerous. In addition, you can set up the net in less than five minutes in grass or sand whenever you feel like playing. It also comes with a heavy-duty carrying bag for convenient portability. This net amazingly comes with a lifetime warranty, where most sets come with a warranty of only 2 years.   Rating:  5 out of 5


"After dealing with numerous flimsy and dangerous volleyball nets that seem to fall apart after only a couple of uses, I decided to spend a little more and get the Viper volleyball net from Cobra. IT IS SPECTACULAR! The net is straight and tight. The fact that there are no ropes coming off the poles allows the court to be put up in a smaller area and, of course, is much safer. The net is easily adjusted and assembly/dis-assembly is easy. AWESOME PRODUCT! Would highly recommend to anyone. I can't imagine how good their premium product is!"  Josh Frantz, Red Bluff CA April 2010


"We never took our Viper system down for 4 years, summer, winter and Hurricane Sandy.  The net got a little frayed from the hurricane;  it's still usable but we'd like a new one." Ross Levitsky, Port Washington, November 2012  


 "There's no better volleyball equipment out there than the Viper. We've never taken it down and it's stood up to the wear and tear of the brutal Arizona sun. It definitely IS built to last a lifetime! What we love about it is that the net holds true. If you're looking for a volleyball net there's no better system. Lightweight and extremely durable. Regards,"  Wayne Pomeroy, Mesa, AZ March 2010