"I am the proud owner and recreational user of a Cobra "no guy wires/ropes" volleyball system for...wait for it... over 20 years . I purchased, what has to have been, one of the first ones ever made... read more"  
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August 2012


From the Professionals:


“Cobra volleyball net systems are the most effective portable volleyball nets I have ever used. Being an AVP professional beach volleyball player for the past 10 years I have been involved in many tournaments, camps, clinics, and exhibitions. I have always had problems with the safety of the other volleyball nets, as the guywires made me nervous to be around. The Cobra net systems don't have guywires so I don't have to worry about the dangerous area outside the poles. It also saves a lot of room around the court. The tension is great and they are easy to set up. I took a few of my Cobra nets down to the beach one day and all the pros enjoyed playing on it. They also agreed that the Cobras were easy to set up and most importantly the safest portable volleyball nets they had ever played on. I do clinics for adults and children and feel great knowing that I have the safest and most convenient volleyball net around, the Cobra!” Albert Hannemann, AVP Professional Beach Volleyball Champion

“The Cobra Volleyball net system is rated the best-all-in-all. This is an excellent system. It is the most attractive. There's no portable volleyball net the players would rather use, and that's quite an endorsement. The details incorporated in the design are very well thought out. The Cobra works equally well on sand or grass.” Gary Wakai - Former Commissioner NCVA, AVA, USA (USVBA) outdoor, Tournament Director

“After using the Cobra volleyball net system since 1996, I can honestly say that there is no better. Not only is the Cobra  the safest portable volleyball net on the market, but it also sets up and performs to perfection. You can get the Cobra net to set up and play like an indoor net. Once you have used the Cobra net, you will never want to set up a conventional guywire system again!”  Scott Swanson, Associate Head Coach - Arizona State Volleyball, Sun Devil Turf Challenge - Tournament Director

“I've been involved with producing volleyball tournaments at the professional and recreational level since 1983, and the greatest innovation in the game for me has been the Cobra volleyball net system. Setting up portable net systems used to take up most of the time in running a tournament, but with the Cobra we are able to set up the courts in minutes. There is no way my tournaments could have experienced the growth they have without the Cobra. I use them on the beach, grass, beach, asphalt and indoors. They provide a clean look and a high level of play.”  Denny Lennon – Lennon Sports, AAU National Beach Volleyball Tour, Pro Beach Volleyball Junior Tours, Promoter: McDonald’s Cup Volleyball/Venice Backyard Championships, WPVA Announcer/Santa Monica Pro/Celeb Classic

“During my 30 years as a professional volleyball player and coach, I can say that the Cobra volleyball net system has the absolute best combination of portability, durability and playability of any outdoor portable volleyball net I have seen. I have played professionally both on the sand and indoors and now as a competitor and organizer of grass volleyball tournament events in Northern California, I can say that the Cobra is simply the best.”  Jon Stevenson, Pro Beach Champion, Head Coach St. Mary’s College, CA; Former Head Coach - Sonoma State University, California

“The best portable volleyball net system on the beach or anywhere else! I've used them all - everything that has been set up on the beach and the grass, the Cobra is by far the best. The Cobra sets up great. It's simple and it stays tight... It's outstanding.”  Gene Selznick - All Time Pro/Coach and first King of the Beach

“I have played on the AVP tour for 14 years and have used many systems, but nothing is like the Cobra. It is easy to set-up and you get great net tension.” Scott Friederichsen - AVP Champion

“The set-up is simple and playing characteristics outstanding!... With no guy wires, the Cobra is the safest portable system in existence.”  Volleyball Magazine

“Float Serve Volleyball has been using the Cobra volleyball net system for grass and beach tournaments in Southern California for over 10 years. The Cobra is without question the top of the line portable net system and the world's safest. Float Serve Volleyball does not use guy wire systems because of the associated safety concerns involved. Setup and tear down times are minimal.”  Float Serve Volleyball

From Churches:


“We've had our Cobra volleyball net system for many years and it's been great for our Church. We don't have to worry about anyone getting hurt on guy wires and it's easy to set up. We always buy high quality and Cobra Volleyball Equipment is no exception.” Clyde Weber, LDS Church Meridian 9 Ward, Meridian, ID August 2009


“We’ve had our system since 2005.  and haven’t had any problems. It installed as advertised. It was easy to install, which was very important to us, since we had special requirements for a dual system with a shared pole. It is a very strong structure that our adult groups in the church use as well as adult groups in the community.”  Carl Sheran, St. Andrews United Methodist Church, Brandon FL

“We have been extremely pleased with our Cobra indoor volleyball net system. It combines the best features of a professional and portable system. Best of all, the price is ‘unbeatable’.”

“We had no problems installing the anchors for the system in our activities building and set up take down is fast and easy. I really like the fact that everything goes in a sturdy bag. (That includes what is necessary to use the Cobra system outdoors!)”

“There’s no guide wires or huge poles to run into or trip over with the Cobra volleyball net system. The two small poles that are used are sturdy and padded. The system is lightweight yet it’s amazing how strong it is. The net is high quality and the tension on the net has been perfect.”

“I would highly recommend Cobra Volleyball equipment to churches, schools and anyone who is looking for high quality at an extremely affordable price.”  Bill Allen, Minister of Music/Children, Kuttawa First Baptist Church, Kuttawa, KY

“The only thing that could have made our Cobra indoor volleyball equipment better is if you had drilled the holes for us! It was so easy to install, and best of all, it’s the most affordable indoor system. We really like the fact that we got all the parts for the outdoor system included in the price.”  Scott Pitillo, Bethany Baptist Church White Hall, AR

“We’ve had our system since 2005.  and haven’t had any problems. It installed as advertised. It was easy to install, which was very important to us, since we had special requirements for a dual system with a shared pole. It is a very strong structure that our adult groups in the church use as well as adult groups in the community.”  Carl Sheran, St. Andrews United Methodist Church, Brandon FL

“Our Cobra volleyball net system is extremely easy to set up and take down, which is important to us because our volunteers do that for us. Also important is that it’s very durable, since we have young people using it.”  Dan Dewitt, First Baptist Church, Caney KS

From Schools:

“Thank you for the constant updates. It is so refreshing to work with such an efficient and professional business as Cobra Sports. You can count on me to share my most favorable experience in working with you, your company and with your exceptional equipment with all my colleagues at The Ohio State University and my contacts at our other Big Ten institutions. Thanks again, and I look forward to the next time I have the pleasure to work with you.”  David Beckel, Director of Student Activities and Recreational Sports, The Ohio State University at Marion

“We use our volleyball net system in the school. It is very easy to set up and take down, safe, and very affordable.”  Kenneth Cummings, Holy Springs Church, Lillington NC

From Hotels and Resorts:

“The Cobra Volleyball Net System has been great. It is really easy to set up.”  Kate Perryman, Group Recreation Manager, Amelia Island Plantation, FL

“The Club Del Mar Resort is on the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica. We’ve had our pool volleyball net system up for more than 2 years and never taken it down. It’s withstood rain, salt air, sun and all kinds of play from children to grown men hanging on the net and is perfect. A group of friends who play all over the world said the Cobra is the best pool system they’ve ever played on. It’s a great addition to the activities we offer because anyone can play volleyball.”  Phillip Edwardes, Owner, Club Del Mar Resort and Condominiums, Jaco, Costa Rica

“After going through two volleyball nets within 6 months, the Anaconda Pool Volleyball Net is by far the most indestructible piece of equipment ever! I originally had my doubts, considering our pool volleyball net doubles as a "jungle gym", but the Anaconda has impressed me tremendously. Not only is it tough, it looks great too!”  Tami Podojil, The Falls Water Village Manager, Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs - Phoenix, AZ

“We purchased one of the Cobra volleyball nets about 6 months ago (January 2010) and it has been amazing.”  Scott Mcginnis, Asst. Director of Beach & Pool Operations, Don Cesar Beach Resort, a Loews Hotels, St. Petersburg Beach, FL