"I am the proud owner and recreational user of a Cobra "no guy wires/ropes" volleyball system for...wait for it... over 20 years . I purchased, what has to have been, one of the first ones ever made... read more"  
Jonathan Leidy Certified Financial Planner
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August 2012


Your Cobra Sports Questions Answered


Q: What is the difference between the Cobra and the Viper Volleyball Net System?


A: The Cobra is our tournament rated system and is meant for anyone who wants more competitive, aggressive play. It's ideal for families that have children who are playing and will grow more competitive in the future. It is extremely durable and will handle any rough play. The Cobra volleyball net system comes with 3 official height adjustments - men's (8'), women's (7' 4"), junior's (7') and now has height adjustments for 2 additional exciting games - beach/grass tennis and badminton. The Viper is a lighter weight system meant for casual family play. Although durable, it has a lighter weight net and has 2 height adjustments - men's and women's (unofficial). Both come with LIFETIME WARRANTIES and both set up on the beach without sand kits.


Q: How do your nets stay up?


A: The engineering of the patented ground anchoring system and the Flex Pole Technology combine to produce the only volleyball, beach/grass tennis and badminton equipment that stay up without guy wires or sand kits. That is the revolutionary innovation of Cobra net systems. Just hammer the specially engineered ground stakes with a 6 pound sledge hammer until they are solid in the ground or sand, slide the Flex poles over the stakes, and tighten the net. The poles won't fall down and the net stays tight.


Q: Won't the stakes get damaged by pounding them with a sledge hammer? Why do I need a sledge hammer?


A: Using a 6 or 8 pound steel head sledge hammer ensures that the stakes are driven quickly and firmly into the ground or sand. A lighter wieght hammer will not work. The system includes a heavy duty steel protector cap that goes over the stakes to protect them from "mushrooming" at the top.


Q: How far do I have to hammer the stakes?


A: Just until the stakes are solid in the ground or sand. This depends on the density of the ground or sand and varies by locale. On average it's 20 - 22 inches.


Q: How difficult is it to get the stakes out of the sand or ground?


A: It is very easy to take the stakes out. All you have to do is tap the stakes at ground or sand level with the sledge hammer. They come out easily.


Q: Do you ship outside the United States and how do you ship?


A: We ship internationally, and depending on the location we will research the best option for you. Within the U.S. and Canada we ship UPS, Fed Ex or US Postal Service. International shipments are subject to brokerage fees, duties and taxes assessed by each country.


Q: How quickly can you ship our system?


A: Our normal shipping is same day if we receive your order by 4:30 PM Arizona time (subject to individual item specifications). Please check the shopping cart for details or feel free to call us toll free at 877.586.2729 for special shipping.


Q: How much does the Cobra equipment weigh?


A: The Cobra weighs 34 pounds. That includes the poles, pole pads, net, boundary line, stakes, protector cap, heavy duty carry bag that can be checked as luggage on the airlines. The boxed shipment is 36 pounds. The Viper system weighs 29 pounds, and the boxed shipment is 31 pounds.


Q: If I need help when your office is closed, is there a number I can call?


A: Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8AM to 7PM MST (Arizona). At other times and on the weekends, please call 480-862-5381 or 480-862-5375.


Q: Can the Cobra or Viper equipment remain set up permanently?


A: Although the systems are portable, many people leave them up over long periods of time. We recommend that you take the tension out of the net and loosen the stretch cords when not in use. It is quite easy to tighten everything again when playing.


If you have additional questions, please feel free to recommend that we post them. We appreciate feedback.