"I am the proud owner and recreational user of a Cobra "no guy wires/ropes" volleyball system for...wait for it... over 20 years . I purchased, what has to have been, one of the first ones ever made... read more"  
Jonathan Leidy Certified Financial Planner
Portico Wealth Advisors Larkspur CA
August 2012

Cobra Beach Tennis

Portable Beach Tennis Net System

Beach Tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in North America


Not only can you enjoy this game on the beach, but also on grass at a park or in your own backyard! The Cobra Beach Tennis Net System comes with height setting for volleyball and badminton as well. With the purchase of official nets, you can have a 3-in-1 game system the whole family will enjoy.

The Cobra Beach Tennis Net System can be set up in as little as five minutes. No burying sand kits to set up on the beach. Simply hammer in the stakes, slide on the flex poles, tighten and you’re in business.

Systems available in Paddle Version (26.25’ x 52.5’ court size with a net height of 5’7”) and Racquet Version (30’x 60’ court size with a net height of 5’10”)


             - No guy wires or ropes
             - Easy to install system featuring specially engineered ground stakes and flex poles
             - Systems meet all tournament regulations
             - Lifetime warranty
             - 30 day money back guarantee
             - Cobra Beach tennis system has additional height settings for volleyball and badminton
             - 3-in-1 game system
             - Volleyball accessory kits and badminton accessory kits available

Check out the Cobra Beach Tennis Net System for yourself. We hope you find it to be an innovative, affordable and proven system that will fit your needs.